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Acht van Bladel

The oldest classic race for juniors in the Netherlands
25-26-27 June 2021
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Acht van Bladel

The oldest classic race for juniors in the Netherlands
25-26-27 June 2021
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Acht van Bladel

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The oldest classic race for juniors in the Netherlands
25-26-27 June 2021

Regulations 2021

Article 1: Participation and Organisation 

The 71e BESTRONICS Acht of Bladel is open to the following teams: UCI Juniors Teams, National Teams, Regional Teams, and Club Teams. Teams must be formed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 riders. “The 71e BESTRONICS Acht van Bladel” will be held on Friday 25e of June 2021 until Sunday 27th June 2021 over 4 stages. The event is open for riders in the Men Junior category. The race is organized by "Stichting Wielerevenementen Het Snelle Wiel", hereafter called “the organization”. The organization is also the holder of the race accreditation (of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the KNWU) and the permits and dispensations of the authorities. These accreditations, permits, and dispensations can be seen at the Secretary of the organization. 

Article 2: Classifications 

The following classifications shall apply: 
1. Overall individual classification (Yellow jersey) 
2. Points classification (Green jersey) 
3. Sprint classification (Blue jersey) 
4. Youth classification (White jersey) 
5. Combination classification (Red and White jersey) 
6. Cobblestone classification (Grey jersey) 
7. Combative rider (Red Jersey) 
8. Team classification (no Jerseys) 

All rankings are preceded by day classifications, who are indicated as such. The leaders are obliged to wear the jerseys of the respective rankings, an exception applies for the time trial. 

The ranking of the sweaters is in order listed; 1. Yellow Jersey – 2. Green Jersey – 3. White Jersey – 4. Blue Jersey – 5. Red-White Jersey – 6. Red Jersey. If a rider is in multiple rankings, then the leader Jersey of the highest rank order are worn. The sweaters of the/the other classification(s) go on to the next rider in goes/relevant rank. Obviously, not this scheme for the final ranking in the rankings, where the prizes are awarded according to the rank. 

Article 3: Overall Individual Classification (Yellow Jersey) 

The ranking is determined by the sum of times per game per rider made part. The time earned fees are deducted, any penalty time is tallied. Time fees are awarded to the riders who places 1, 2 and 3 in the ranking occupy. The fee amounts to 10, 6 and 4 seconds respectively. In the 3th stage 6, 4 and 2 seconds respectively. Bonus seconds In the time trial cannot be achieved. Count the seconds also won in the sprints. In the case of an equality of times is the ranking determined by the outcome of the individual time trial, which will be included in one-hundredth of a second. New equality will the total of the placement figures achieved in the various journeys to separate the riders. In the last instance by the placement rate, will that was achieved during the last stage the riders involved. 
The rider who leads in the overall individual classification is obliged to wear the yellow leader's jersey made available by the organization. 

Article 4: Points Classification (Green Jersey) 

In all stages the first fifteen classified riders points awarded according to the scale: 25, 20, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. the ranking is determined by summing the number of achieved points. At the following criteria will be used to the equality riders to divorce: 
1. the number of stage wins; 
2. the rash generally Individually Classification on time. 

Article 5: Sprint Classification (Blue Jersey) 

In the 1st stage will be two sprints are held in places, which are listed in the route description. In the 2nd stage is there but 3 sprints race. And in the 3rd stage will be one sprint race. To the first three classed riders are 3, 2 and 1 point respectively per sprint awarded, as well as 3, 2 and 1 second time fee, that is counted in the overall individual standings. The sprint classification is obtained by summing the daily points attributed per cyclist. 
General sprint classification is determined by the number of points about the stages ridden. At the following criteria will be used to the equality riders to divorce: 1. the number of first places in the sprints; 2. the rash generally Individually Classification on time. 
The rider who leads in the overall individual sprint classification is obliged to wear the Blue leader's jersey made available by the organization. 

Article 6: Young Rider Classification (White Jersey) 

Youth rider classification is generally equivalent to the General individual classification are classified, with the proviso that only riders who are born in 2004. The rider who leads in the overall younger sprint classification is obliged to wear the White leader's jersey made available by the organization. 

Article 7: Combination Classification (Red-White Jersey), (Brabant Jersey) 

The rider should in all three rankings. For the combination classification count the first 10 ratings in General Individual classification, the overall points standings and generally Sprint standings. A first place tel along for 10 points, the tenth place tel for 1 point. The rider who has the most points on the 3 aforementioned rankings achieved gets awarded the blue sweater. 
Each day we start with a clean slate, i.e. each day reset points. Leading general classification for equal number of points. The rider who leads in the overall combination classification is obliged to wear the Red-White leader's jersey made available by the organization. 

Artikel 7a: Cobblestones Classification (Grey Jersey) 

he General Individual Cobblestones Classification is made on the basis of points that can be earned in the 1st, 2th and 3th stage on the cobblestones, which are marked by signs (see route description). The points are awarded as follows: 
1st place - 5 points 
2nd place - 3 points 
3rd place - 2 points 
4th place - 1 point  
In case of equality of points in the General Individual Cobblestones Classification, the number of first places are decisive. When this number is equal the last first place will be decisive.  

Article 7b: Combative rider renner (Red Jersey)

This rider will be chosen daily by a selective group. The rider who is the combative rider is obliged to wear the Red Jersey made available by the organisation. 

Article 8: AVG; privacy declaration

Our organization has a privacy policy, which states, among other things, that we can use photos of those who join the race. These will be used for media such as our website, the program, newspaper, and other press. Riders can object to this by letting the organization know. 

Article 9: Team Classification 

The day teams standings will be determined by the sum of the three best times of the riders of the team in the stage-rash. No decision in the case that this brings the teams will be classified in the order placement by the sum of the digits of the three best riders in the stage-rash. It follows again no decision, the teams ranking will be according to the place of the best rider in the stage-rash. General team ranking shall be calculated on the basis of the sum of the results obtained by the teams in the Day classifications of the stages. In the event that this is not a decision brings the following criteria will be used to separate the teams themselves: 
1. by the number of first places in the day teams rankings; Regulation 
2. by the number of second places in the dayteams rankings, etc. 
3. no decision again, then it follows the teams ranking will be according to the place of the best cyclist in General Individual classification. 

Article 10. (Expired) Article 10: Expired 

Article 11: Individual Time 

The start order in the 4th stage (individual time trial) ; maximum the first 100 riders after stage 3rd overall indiv. Classification. The first rider who starts is the last rider after stage 3rd overall individual classification. The riders start at the minute. 

Article 12: Prohibited row highlight 

It is forbidden to ride on foot and cycle paths that are included – and as such not expressly mentioned – in the stage schedule. Passing of closed railway crossings, or other comparable traffic conductors, is also prohibited. Riders are mandatory instructions of the match Commissioners and of the accompanying detachment of the police to follow.

Article 13: Official ceremony / Honoring 

The riders who qualify for a ceremony, are required as soon as possible after termination of a contest to go to the world-class component in order to participate in the ceremony. Will be honoured: the stage winner and the leaders of the rankings. There is honoured after the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage. After the 4th stage be honoured the stage winner and the first 3 of the final standings, as well as the winners of the other classifications. 

Article 14: Time Limits 

For all races, a time limit of12% percent. The match Commissioners have the authority to depart from this provision in the event of special circumstances. For the time trials, a broader limit applies 33%  

Article 15: Fines / Penalties 

The fine system of the most recent U.C.I. regulations applies at all times, which each participant is supposed to have taken knowledge. 

Article 16: Anti-doping test 

Address: Ronddeel 12, Bladel (Firma Schippers) Opening hours after 16.00 hr Coordinator anti-doping, tel. +31(0)6-29753093 

Article 17: Teams 

A team keeps on as such to exist, if less than three riders of that team in the contest. The game leader has the right car of the relevant team leader from the contest. Aid to the remaining riders of that team is in that case, entrusted to a team leader of another team. 

Article 18: Competion Schedule 

The stage schedule is as follows: 
1 st stage: 3 routes, 108,6 km, start 17.15 pm Friday 25 June 2021 
2 nd stage: 1 routes, 124,5 km, start 13.30 pm Saturday 26 June 2021 
3 rd stage: 3 routes, 94,3 km, start 09.30 am Sunday 27 June 2021 
4 th stage: individual time trial, 8,9 km, 1st start 15.00 pm Sunday 27 June 2021 

Article 19: Gear 

The maximum allowable acceleration for juniors is: 7.93 metres per pedal revolution (e.g. 52 x 14) 

Article 20: Caravan  

Everyone who participates in the contest, or the game follows as a driver of a vehicle shall be in possession of a valid license and liability insurance. All participants and officials in the race convoy must comply with the applicable traffic rules. They must, as far as possible, ride on the right side of the road. The instructions of the accompanying police, jury, marshals, race officials or organization should strictly be followed. For infringement follows immediate exclusion from further participation in the race. All cars are also equipped with KNWU strips, such as jury, service, organization, press, etc. Cars or motorcycles that do not show the organisation- and /or KNWU strips, will be removed out of the race. Immediately behind the riders is the car of the President of the UCI, the car of the race doctor and a neutral service car; then follow the cars of the team managers in order of car number.  


Article 21: Attendance sheet 

Riders are expected to arrive 20 minutes before the official start time at the start control for the attendance sheet. Not signing this sheet means that the rider hasn’t left, and no results will be noted either. 

Article 22: Jury meeting 

The jury meeting will take place at 14.15 p.m. on Friday 25 June 2021: in Town hall of Bladel, Markt 21, 5531 BC Bladel. 
The permanence on Saturday 26 June 2021 Zaal Van Oosterhout, Van Dongenstraat 18, Lierop. 
And the permanence at 9.30 a.m. on Sunday 30th June 2021 Schippers, Ronddeel 12, Bladel. 

Article 23: Team leaders meeting 

The commissaries meeting will take place on Friday 25 June 2021 at 15.15 pm in the Town hall of Bladel, Markt 21, 5531 BC Bladel, +31 (0)497-383422. 
Here the team leaders will also receive the modest for the material-/carriages cars. 


In order to counter environmental pollution, there is arranged a waste zone in each stage. This area is just before and just after the feeding zone. The riders can dispose of their waste here that immediately after the match is cleaned by the organization. Riders who dump their waste still outside the zone, risking a fine. This zone is marked by signs 

Article 25: Medical Care 

The medical care during the race is in the hands of the round arts, Dr. Sanders and Ambulance Event Service, Vlierdenseweg 162, 5754 AC Vlierden (The Netherlands 0031(0)653203517) of FIRST AID Bladel at the finish. The hospitals and phone numbers in the area are: 
Catherina hospital, Michelangelolaan 2, Eindhoven Tel. nr. +31 (0)40-2399111 
Maxima medical centre, the Run 4600, Veldhoven Tel. nr. +31 (0)40-8888000 
Elisabeth hospital, Hilvarenbeekseweg 60, Tilburg Tel. nr. +31 (0)13-5391313 
vent Service, 162, Ambulance Vlierdenseweg 162, 5756 AC Vlierden Tel. nr. +31 (0)493-318021 

Article 26: Bib Numbers 

All bib numbers and number plate will be distributed on Friday June 25 2021, 2PM-3:15PM at the Bladel Town Hall. Bib numbers will be given to the team leaders, after showing us their rider’s licences. Apart from team leaders, official supervisors also need to show these licences. The bib number needs to be clearly visible on the rider. The number plates also need to be attached to the bike in a proper way. After the race, all bib numbers will be returned by the team leaders. Failing to do so has consequences on the prize money. 

Article 27: Radio Tour 155.9375 

Article 28: Unforeseen circumstances and other special matters 

In all cases these regulations do not provide for the officials will decide in technical matters and the organizer in others. The organization is not responsible for any damage due to falls or damage due to other special matters no matter the cause during or after the race. Every rider deems to act in a responsible way as can be expected from a rider. Riders who misbehave can be disqualified by the jury and/or the organizaion.